Psychologist CBT

Tillsammans med vår legitimerade psykolog och psykoterapeut Caroline Hyddén Linnander erbjuder vi behandling och förebyggande av psykisk ohälsa utifrån kognitiv beteendeterapi (KBT). A common reason for seeking a psychologist is that you feel depressed, tired or irritated, often without seeing a clear cause. CBT is a form of psychotherapy with evidence of treatment in anxiety, depression, stress and sleep problems among others.

Psychologist CBT in Uppsala

  • Psychologist 45 min 1 500 kr

    A psychologist's visit is 45 minutes and we offer as well visits as video calls.

Psychologist treatment based on your needs

A psychologist contact starts with an orientating conversation in order to create an overview of why you are applying for a psychologist and how we can help you. Based on your needs and desires a goal formulation and planning is made that can include single or multiple psychologist visits.
Treatments are evaluated continuously to ensure that the joint work leads to the desired change, in terms of the goals we have set.

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Where can I see a psychologist?


Address: Industrigatan 29, 753 42, Uppsala

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