Occupational health

Occupational health care prevents absence and medical care by focusing on health care that keeps staff healthy. If the employees are well, the company will also be fine. A healthy company has a healthy staff!

We are a flexible occupational health where we work together with companies with planned health within companies based on mental, physical and social factors. The aim is to create a working environment that is of good quality for everyone. We provide different packages based on your needs: health examination with nurse, doctor's visit, psychologist, physiotherapist and wellness massage. 

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In Uppsala, we offer both ready-made occupational health packages, but also shape according to your company's exact needs.

Occupational health care for body and soul

Occupational health care can, among other things, help with preventive measures for a good working environment. Our occupational health care offers several different parts that are important for achieving a good working environment. Occupational health can, among other things, carry out health examinations and medical examinations. In the event of a risk of mental illness at work, conversations with a psychologist can prevent and remedy problems at the individual, group and organizational level. In the event of a load problem, a physiotherapist can support a healthier work environment and help with work tools according to the conditions and needs of the workplace. 

Health work within companies can look different and is always adapted accordingly. For those who have become ill, occupational health can also help with support for work adaptation, rehabilitation and sick leave. 

If the body and soul feels good, there is a greater chance that commitment and focus will be placed on what is important with joy and presence. We want your employees to enjoy their workplace, feel inspired and be part of the healthy development.

Life is for enjoyment, at work and spare time, and we do this mainly when we feel at our best!


Where do you offer occupational health care?


Address: Industrigatan 29, 753 42, Uppsala

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MKCareSweden collaborate with Life Genomics, Eurofins, Unilabs, Synlab, Harmony Prenatal Test and Epassi.