NIPT Harmony Prenatal test

NIPT Harmony Prenatal test stands for Non-Invasive Prenatal testing and is a blood based screening test from the pregnant woman. The blood test can be performed early as week 10+0 and the standard test analyses the probability that the fetus has Downs, Edwards and Patau syndrome. Options are available for analysis of fetal sex and sex chromosome aberrations (Turners, Klinefelters, Triple X/XXX and XYY syndromes). Analysis of microdeletion 22q11.2 DiGeorge syndrome is available as an option for additional price.

NIPT Harmony is a safe test that can detect 99% of chromosome aberrations, as the test analyzes the fetal DNA found in small amounts in the pregnant woman during pregnancy.

Blodprovet utförs av en sjuksköterska på vår mottagning i Uppsala och kommer sedan att analyseras under 10 dagar på Life Genomics laboratorium i Göteborg.


NIPT i Uppsala

  • Prenatal test 6 000 kr

    Blodprovstagning och analys utan ultraljud. Inkluderar analys av standardtestet. Tillval finns till analys av fostrets kön och könskromosomavvikelser.

  • NIPT-test med tillvalsanalys 7 150 kr

    Blodprovstagning och analys utan ultraljud. Inkluderar analys av standardtestet samt mikrodeletionen 22q11.2 DiGeorges syndrom. Tillval finns till analys av fostrets kön och könskromosomavvikelser


NIPT prenatal test cannot be performed on pregnancies with more than two fetuses, where a fetus has died (Vanishing Twin Syndrome) and where the pregnant woman has a known cancer, during blood transfusion and during organ or stem cell transplantation. 


FTS=KUB means combined blood test and ultrasound that measures proteins and neck folds, NIPT Harmony analyzes DNA. Both indicate the probability of Downs, Edwards - and Patau syndrome but NIPT provides more information about the fetus and can be done earlier than KUB. NIPT Harmony is also safer as the probability of false positive responses is less than for KUB.

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