Health Examination

A health examination gives you a deeper understanding of what your health condition looks like from the inside out. It is a great way to gain control over your personal health here and now, and for the future. Through a health examination, any ill health can be detected in time and prevention can help you to better health and better quality of life!  

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Before a health examination BASIC & PLUS

Before a health examination in Uppsala, you will be asked to fill out a health declaration that is a questionnaire about your health.

A health examination means that you get to meet a nurse where you go through the health declaration together. The nurse will then measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, lung capacity, waist circumference and your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on weight and height.

A health examination basic also covered by blood sampling with analysis of blood count, fasting blood glucose, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides (blood fats), creatinine (kidney value), ALT and ASAT (liver values). After 1 week, you will receive a letter response from our doctor with the results of the examination. If abnormal test and examination results the doctor will consult you and if there is any measures.

A health examination plus also includes examination with a nurse as well as the addition of urine sample. Blood samples included are the basic samples as well as analysis of ferritin (iron depot), SR (blood sink), vitamin B12, potassium, calcium, magnesium, ALP (enzyme) and TSH (thyroid test). A doctor's visit with a medical examination is booked after 1 week where the doctor examines the heart, lungs, mouth/throat, ears, thyroid glands, lymph nodes, abdomen and performs a vision test. Together you will go through the results of the examination.

Frequently asked questions

In order for the health examination not to give incorrect results, it is recommended that you avoid caffeine drinks, nicotine products and heavier exercise 30 minutes before a health examination. Since the examination includes blood tests, a health examination should be carried out after 10 hours of fasting. 

Oxygen saturation is measured through a Pulse oximeter placed on the finger. It measures arterial oxygenation and pulse rate.

Lung capacity is measured through a PEF meter and provides a measure of how easily air passes through the airways and lungs. The measurement is carried out by allowing you to inhale as deeply as you can, then the PEF meter with a disposable nozzle is placed tightly around the lips where you then get to blow out as strongly and quickly as you can through the mouth.

You will be given a container to urinate in at the first appointment. The safest result is that you leave the morning urine, which means that you have not had time to urinate the first time for the day. If this is not possible, you should not have urinated for at least 3 hours before a urine test.

Health examination basic

1. Review of health declaration

2. Examination by a nurse

3. Blood sampling

4. Reply from reg. Medical Doctor after 1 week

Health examination plus

1. Review of health declaration

2. Urine test

3. Examination by a nurse

4. Blood sampling

5. Booking of a doctor's appointment after 1 week with reg. Medical Doctor

6. Medical examination

7. Vision test

8. Conversations about test and examination results

Where can I do a health examination?


Address: Industrigatan 29, 753 42, Uppsala

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