COVID-19 tests with certificate

På grund av rådande pandemi erbjuder vi provtagning med godkända tester för antigentest och PCR test. För dig som ska resa erbjuder vi reseintyg för våra antigentester och PCR tester som utfärdas digitalt vid negativt provsvar. Intyget är på engelska och undertecknat av legitimerad läkare. 

We are also integrated into the E-health authority's Covid certificate, which can be offered for those travelling within the EU or in special countries outside. För att kunna få ett sådant testbevis behövs en digital brevlåda som exempelvis Kivra. 

Covid-19 tester

COVID-19 tester med intyg i Uppsala

  • PCR test with Travel Certificate 900 kr

    PCR test sent to lab, response the morning after 9am.

  • Antigen test with Travel Certificate 495 kr

    Svar inom 1 timme efter provtagning.


Before your appointment for either antigen test or PCR test with travel certificate we would like you to prepare by register your information with name, date of birth, passport number/ID number and contact details on Coronafree beacuse the certificates are digital. 

  • Travel certificate is issued digitally with QR code for PCR-test at 9am the morning after the test is taken. 
  • Reseintyg utfärdas digitalt med QR-kod för verifiering för antigentest inom 1 timme efter provtagning.
  • If you are not able to register your information digitally it is possible to receive a printed out travel certificate at the clinic. Please contact us in advance. 


In case of positive test result we take no responsibility for travel tickets. 

Frequently asked questions

We accept all types of valid ID documents, and have no requirements for Swedish ID.

More information about each country's regulations regarding travel certificates can be found here: Swedenabroad, Coronapassport or IATA – TravelCentre. 

This is handled by an adult register their own information in Coronafree and not the child's. The child is registered by staff for sampling and the adult who has registered will then receive the child's certificate through their app or link. It is also possible to have several children's certificates linked to one adult. 

A PCR test is taken through a so-called nose swab procedure where a cotton swab is inserted through the nose. The sample is then analyzed in a laboratory to detect if you are infection-free or if you have an ongoing infection. PCR tests have a high sensitivity and can detect Covid-19 in small amounts of viruses both early and late in the course of infection. 

We want you to be symptom-free when we meet to take the PCR test. The purpose is to establish that you do not have an infection and are therefore free of infection.

For children we can offer nose swab with a cotton swab inserted only in to the front part of the nose and throat.

The tests answers if you are infection-free or if you have an ongoing infection.

The test we use is Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen rapid test witch is CE-IVD marked, approved by Swedish Medical Products Agency and EU. The antigentest has a sensitivity of 96.9% and specificity on 99.5%. The test is on the common list of Covid-19 rapid antigen tests used in EU.

We collaborate with two accredited laboratories: Life Genomics and Eurofins Genomics which are approved for analysis of PCR tests. The tests are CE marked i.e. approved by EU. 

Where can I do a test for Covid-19?


Address: Industrigatan 29, 753 42, Uppsala

Collaboration partners

MKCareSweden collaborate with Life Genomics, Eurofins, Unilabs, Synlab, Harmony Prenatal Test and Epassi.