Price list

Important information regarding PCR test with travel certificate!
  • You will receive your certificate around 8pm the day after the test is taken. It is your responsibility as a customer to check the email that you have given us at 8pm! Also check spam inbox because it might come there. 
  • If you have not received the certificate by 8pm send us an email or text message before 9pm. Read the certificate thoroughly!
  • We only answer email or text message on until 9pm, it is very important to write your name in the message. 
  • In case of positive test result Covid 19 we do not take responsibility for the travel tickets, we can give in these cases a certificate that ensure the positive result if that is needed for possible refound. 
  • You can check the under verify to see that your sample has been analysed in the accredited laboratory, by filling in their sample ID contained on the certificate.