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2 days before departure.

  • Thursday: Completion of Covid 19 PCR test with medical certificate.
  • Friday: You will receive a so-called medical certificate by email at around 8pm. This is a signed PDF file in English that allows you to travel abroad.
  • Saturday: Departure.

Vi samarbetar med ett laboratorium som analyserar testerna. Svaret får du kvällen efter. 

We accept all types of valid ID documents, and have no requirements for Swedish ID.

More info about each country's regulations regarding travel certificates can be found here:

A PCR test is taken through a so-called nose topping procedure where a top / stick is inserted through the nose. The sample is then analyzed in a laboratory to detect if you are infection-free or if you have an ongoing infection.

We want you to be symptom-free when we meet to take the PCR test. The purpose is to establish that you don´t have an infection and by that are free from contagion.

The test answers if you are infection-free or if you have an ongoing infection.

We cooperate with Life Genomics, which is approved for testing and is on the Folhealth Authority's list of serological tests:

The test is CE-IVD marked i.e. approved by the Medical Products Agency (

The test can be identified with Sample ID (available on the certificate) Coronapassport | Verifiera – Coronapassport

We now offer fast and flexible sampling options for COVID-19 in Uppsala County. We also offer company visits on request. You can get tested if you want a certificate that you are healthy, e.g. before a trip. Test results for PCR tests are sent in English and are signed by a medical officer. The certificate will be delivered by e-mail after 8pm the following day. 

Please note that you must not have any cold symptoms during sampling. Valid identification is required.