Health Clinic and Occupational Health

With a person-centered approach, we want to promote health and prevent illness with evidence in theory, science and proven experience. We are located in Kungsängen near Uppsala city centre.


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Vi samarbetar med Intygsdoktorn som är specialiserad på rådgivning och information om din hälsa. Vi hjälper dig med läkarintyg för bland annat ansökan om förnyelse eller nytt körkortstillstånd, sjöfart, studier utomlands, försäkringar eller efter narkotikabrott, rattfylleri eller sjöfylleri.

Occupational health

A healthy company has a healthy staff! By focusing on health care that keeps staff healthy, sick leave and medical care can be prevented. We offer different company packages as needed. Together with you, we want to work for a healthy working life.

Digital certificates

To improve the process for those who are going to travel or for other reasons need to confirm that you do not have an ongoing Covid-19 infection, we provide certificates through Coronafree | E-tjänster to easily access your test result and certificate in a secure, controlled and reliable manner.


Wellness is an important part of well-being. We are wellness providers through Epassi where you can use your wellness allowance to pay for your wellness.

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Industrigatan 29, 753 42 UPPSALA

Our clinic is located in the residential area of Kungsängen Uppsala on Industrigatan 29 between Willys Kungsgatan and Fyrisån. Parking is available in connection with our entrance as well as in the surrounding area. A bus stop is available at Kungsängsesplanaden with a 5-10 minute walk to the clinic. Bicycle connections are available from the city centre along Fyrisån.

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Collaboration partners

MKCareSweden collaborate with Life Genomics, Eurofins, Unilabs, Synlab, Harmony Prenatal Test and Epassi.